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BFM & Associates is a dynamic development, research and monitoring & evaluation consultancy which aims to contribute to the successes of national and international social interventions by enthusiastically practicing our brand of development research, and monitoring & evaluation support. We support the  notion of an utilization-focused participatory approach that includes stakeholders, funders,  project staff and project target group(s) in research and evaluations.   

Collectively BFM & Associates’ approach to research, monitoring & evaluation is multidisciplinary to ensure the best quality and validated data is collected  to assist organisations and programmes in developing and articulating programme theory, designing, installing and reviewing monitoring systems and providing formative  and summative evaluations that could be used to restructure programmes or determine effectiveness and efficiency thereof.



  • Needs assessments and stakeholder analysis

  • Project design and development

  • Proposal writing

  • Proposal reviews and assessments

  • Project implementation and management

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Documentation and reporting



  • Stakeholder, problem and needs analysis

  • Baseline surveys

  • Clarifactory  evaluation and development of logic models / logical frameworks

  • Process / implementation evaluations

  • Impact / outcomes evaluations

  • Data quality audits / assessments

  • Training in M&E


  • Strategy and project development

  • Project management and coordination

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Sustainability reporting


  • Inclusive project design and implementation

  • Disability / accessibility audits

  • Policy development

BFM & Associates approach to research and evaluation is to have techical skills and subject matter expertise in the given field of the research / evaluation area. Therefore, we work closely with a number of specialists including universal and graphic designers, communication and media specialists, occupational therapists, health, education and teaching specialists, HR and mentor specialists and has a professional network across Africa.

Dominique Brand

DOMINIQUE BRAND  holds a M.Soc.Sci in Research Psychology from the University of Cape Town. She also has a postgraduate diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation from Stellenbosch University (cum laude) and has her B.Sc Human Life sciences  from the University of Stellenbosch. She is currently a PhD student at University of Cape Town under the Disability Studies Division. Her research interests are sports and physical participation and health inclusion. She has extensive experience in the fields of project development and research, proposal writing, facilitating and organising training, monitoring & evaluation, statistical and quantitative analysis and psychometric testing. Her expertise lies especially within disability, parenting and youth programmes as well as in social enterprises, product development and income generation, health and substance abuse research.

Karina F. Mogensen

KARINA FISCHER MOGENSEN holds a M.Soc.Sci in Development Studies and International Relations from Aalborg University and a B.Sc in Social Anthropology from Aarhus University, both in Denmark. She also holds a postgraduate diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation (cum laude) from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. She is currently a PhD student at University of Cape Town under the Disability Studies Division. Her research interests are formal and informal employment, entreprenurship, income generation and skills development. Her expertise is within organisational capacity building, project design and development, proposal writing, project management, monitoring and evaluation with a specific focus on CSR, disability and inclusion, gender, income generation and  social enterprises, youth and sports as a development tool.

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